cinegraphy stands since end 2010 for my activity in the IT and media businesses. I’m offering the following services:

- 1st and 2nd level IT support
- production and postproduction of movies and photographs
- consultancy for and organization of media, IT and art projects

a cornerstone of my philosophy is that cinegraphy represents an open, interdisciplinary approach – i’m happy to share my knowledge, to advise or teach others who are interested in acquiring expertise in this field. please feel free to ask!

in the IT field i like work cross-planform, esp. with macs: i’m specialized in helping creative pros with apple or adobe applications, or for instance storage solutions for cross-platform environments.

regarding media production, the content and how this is conveyed is crucial. I’m specialized in low DOF (depth of field) imaging: directing the eyes of the audience to the parts of the image we want them to see is one of the most important tools for the creative cinematographer.